Custom Mobile App Development

The Problem:

Our client, a real estate company, was facing difficulties in effectively promoting their properties to potential buyers. They needed a mobile app that could help them showcase their properties in a user-friendly way, provide information about upcoming open houses, and allow buyers to easily get in touch with the agents representing the properties.


Real Solution Partners (RSP) was approached to develop a mobile app for the real estate company. We analyzed the client’s requirements and proposed a solution that would meet their needs. We utilized agile methodology and broke down the project into sprints, each with a specific set of deliverables. Our team worked closely with the client to gather feedback and ensure that the app met their needs.

The app was built using React Native, which allowed for fast development and deployment across both iOS and Android platforms. We included features such as property listings with detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, and virtual tours. We also integrated the app with a scheduling system that allowed buyers to sign up for open houses and communicate with agents. The app was designed with an intuitive user interface that made it easy for buyers to browse and search for properties based on location, price, and other relevant criteria.

The project was completed in 6 months, and we provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the app was up-to-date and functioning properly.

Our Takeaway and Result:

The real estate company was thrilled with the final product and reported an increase in property inquiries and sales. The app provided a convenient and user-friendly way for potential buyers to view properties and connect with agents. The client appreciated RSP’s expertise and agile methodology, which allowed for efficient development and deployment of the app. Our takeaway from this project was the importance of staying focused on the client’s needs and maintaining open communication throughout the development process. We were delighted with the positive feedback we received from the client and were proud to have helped them achieve their goals.

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