Independent Quality Assurance

The Problem:

Our client, a government agency, hired a software development vendor to create a web solution. However, the government agency needed an independent quality assurance (QA) team to validate the end product on its behalf. The software development vendor did not have the resources or experience to provide this service, so the government agency had to find a reliable QA partner.


Real Solution Partners (RSP) was engaged by the government agency to provide independent quality assurance services for the web solution. RSP’s QA team collaborated with the software development vendor to ensure that the product was delivered to the client’s specifications. The QA team used a variety of tools and techniques to test the web solution’s functionality, performance, and security. This included manual testing, automated testing, and exploratory testing. The QA team also documented any issues or defects found during testing and worked with the software development vendor to resolve them.

The timeline for the project was approximately two months. RSP’s QA team worked closely with the software development vendor’s team throughout the entire development process, from requirements gathering to final testing. RSP’s QA team was able to provide the government agency with regular progress reports and feedback on the software development vendor’s work.

Our Takeaway and Result:

RSP’s independent quality assurance services provided the government agency with the confidence that the web solution met their requirements and was fully functional, secure, and reliable. RSP’s QA team was able to identify and resolve any issues or defects before the web solution was delivered to the client. The government agency was satisfied with the quality of the work provided by RSP and the software development vendor.

In conclusion, RSP’s expertise in quality assurance provided the government agency with the independent validation they needed to ensure that their web solution was of the highest quality.

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