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Real Solution Partners (RSP) was approached by a construction company that wanted a website that would increase their local online visibility and help them attract local customers. They sought a solution that was simple to implement and easy to navigate, and comprehend by locals.  In addition, they required that the website be optimized for search engines to ensure a prominent position in relevant local search results.


Following an in-depth examination of the client’s needs, RSP developed a comprehensive plan to meet those needs. Our team designed a website that included all of the client’s required features. In addition, we incorporated SEO strategies to make the website visible to prospective local customers. The website was created to be user-friendly, intuitive, and simple to navigate, with all necessary information presented clearly and concisely.

The project was accomplished in three phases, according to its schedule and methodology. In the initial phase, RSP collaborated closely with the client to determine their needs and create a comprehensive project plan. Wireframes and prototypes were developed during the second phase to provide the client with a visual representation of the proposed design. In the final phase of the project, we developed and launched the website, ensuring that it met all the specifications. Four months were required to execute the entire project.

Takeaway and Result:

The construction company was extremely pleased with the project’s results. The website was well-designed and thoroughly search engine optimised, which increased its online visibility and generated more business leads. In addition to enhancing the consumer experience, the website’s user-friendly layout and intuitive navigation contributed to its accessibility. As a consequence, the company saw an increase in website traffic, engagement rates, online requests for a free estimates and phone inqueries.

Final Feedback:

The construction company gave us outstanding feedback, praising our team’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment. RSP’s website and customer service impressed them greatly. The client noted that the new website enabled their business to expand and reach a larger audience, which was their primary objective. Overall, the project was a resounding success and demonstrated RSP’s capacity to offer effective, efficient, and innovative solutions to our client’s requirements.

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